Miss Sigh Gone (almost_finished) wrote in riverside_ratz,
Miss Sigh Gone

Free to a good home! =(

The cutest and sweetest bunny in the world is up for adoption.   I am completely in love with this bunny, so if anyone is interested they will undergo a severe criminal background check before being approved.  Just kidding.....well, sorta.

Background on bunny: my niece (who lives with me) brought home this bunny 2 months ago without asking me if it was okay.  Now that the bunny is getting bigger it's become more responsibility on my niece that she wasn't prepared to deal with.  Not to mention, it's not tiny any more so I guess she no longer thinks it's cute.  Which pisses me off.  I love this bunny.  No, really. I LOVE this bunny.  It's cute, sweet, friendly, loves to be held, loves being pet.  However, we have a cat.  As a result, the bunny has to stay in a cage for it's own protection.  Which is just cruel.  The poor bunny's quality of life would be much better in a home where it can hop around.

Pro's: Very affectionate, litterbox trained, would make a great Christmas present

Con's: Like's to chew on everything.  There is stuff you can buy that you can spray on things that you don't want the bunny to chew on, but I haven't tested it out.

If anyone is interested or knows anyone who may be interested, please respond!!!!

I took this picture this morning:

This picture was taken about 2 months ago:


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